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REAL Shuffle Player 4

REAL Shuffle Player is an audio player with unique features like an intelligent and true shuffle and other great features

A user-friendly software for playing music in shuffle mode, while also preventing the repeated playback of the same file

REAL Shuffle Player is an efficient and easy to use application designed specifically for playing music in shuffle mode.

The main characteristic of the program is the fact that it plays songs using true random numbers, rather than the calculated numbers used by other music players. Additionally, the program features a function meant to prevent the playback of the same file twice.

Listening to music with REAL Shuffle Player means enjoying. You don't have to worry about playlist management anymore. With FolderPlaylist you can set a folder to a playlist's source. So you don't have to add new songs manually to your playlist any more.

You also can enjoy amazing 3D visualizations while you listen to your music.

Your music enjoyment won't be interrupted because of the smooth transition between your songs.

In no other media player you have a true and intelligent shuffle, which prevents the repeated playing of a song. The media player also impresses with other unique features such as the use of a folder as playlist or the export of your music in your playlist to a folder.

I highly recommend this media player to users who are not satisfied with the usual features of their existing media player and want a simple Player with useful features.

REAL Shuffle Player supports popular music formats, such as MP3 and FLAC and it enables users to create various M3U|RSP playlists that they can listen to.

REAL Shuffle Player supports following music formats:


REAL Shuffle Player supports following music playlists:

M3U, XSPF, RSP (proprietary)

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REAL Shuffle Player


REAL Shuffle Player 4

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